1990 --- Our mother company established optional department to research & develop video microscope. In the meantime, we marketed our 1st Professional Video Microscope (fiber light guided) VM-01.
1994 --- Developed Halogen light scope and marketed model: SA-30 Beauty Scope.
1995 --- Developed the 2nd generation of fiber light Video Microscope model: BS-88 with high resolution CCD camera.
1996 --- Marketed Halogen light scope HA-200 Hair Scope.
1997 --- We founded KOWA Optics Corp. who specialized dedicating in manufacturing & selling Video Microscope / Beauty Scope business to provide real professional service to worldwide customers.
1998 --- Developed LED light scope and marketed new model: BS-88E with high resolution CCD camera. This kind of unit is in compact size, the LED has long lifetime and save cost.
2000 --- Developed another LED light scope and marketed model BS-2000.
2002 --- Changing traditional units only with video output, we had technical innovation in marketing dual output (both videooutput to TV & USB output to PC) model BS-618 series. This lays the foundation of our development of dual output units afterwards.
2003 --- Modified the chip of BS-618, we released new model BS-618Pro(SMP) 3-in-1 Skin Sebum / Moisture / Pigment Auto Skin Diagnosis System.
2004 --- Upgraded BS-618series to be BS-888series.
2005 --- Successfully developed All-in-1 model MC-380Professional Microcirculation Scope.
2008 --- BS-888 series was upgraded to be BS-888-v2 series, camera resolution upgraded to be 2,000,000 pixels instead of 325,000 pixels.
2009 --- Marketed the latest IBS-01 series, which is with multi innovated functions (eg. Negative film function, Zoom magnification function, 4-in-1 Skin Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment Auto Skin Diagnosis System.
2010 --- Developed blue light polarized lens, specially for acne inspection.
2013 --- New innovation model: HD-01, High Definition Professional Beauty Scope provides perfect image quality, USB output, plug & play (no USB driver needed), easy operation.